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A simple way to pay for your window cleaning service Payments are collected 5 days after we have cleaned your windows This is not a monthly Direct Debit payment plan Payments are only collected as and when the windows are cleaned If you don’t have your windows cleaned a payment isn’t taken No personal details are shared with any 3rd  parties  All financial transactions are handled by GoCardless  Please enter the first line of your address and click on the GoCardless button which will redirect you to the pre-authorisation form for you to complete. It takes less than two minutes to set up, and that’s it, all done. The pre-authorisation form only needs to be filled in the once when setting it up for the first time. You will receive an automated email from GoCardless stating that a payment has been requested and the date and amount that it is due to be collected from your account. All payments are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee  >>click here for more info<<