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Hover Aid

Established 27 Years
We are proud Spnsors of Hover Aid  - Clean Water Saves lives
by JRH Cleaning Services
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HoverAid hovercraft deliver aid, development, and medical mission teams to some of the most remote communities in Madagascar. We’re doing something really practical at a time when there is growing cynicism about the role of “aid” in helping developing communities. In our view it’s very simple: Help is only helpful if it’s rooted in community, which means a long term commitment to the people we reach. HoverAid is a Christian organisation and we’re inspired by God’s continuing love and commitment to everyone – it’s a pattern for us to follow.  Whether you have faith or not we think that helping those in need is simply common-sense, and we work hard to do it the right way; humbly, professionally, and fairly. We’d love you to join us in whatever way you can – praying, supporting, raising cash, or going and sharing time and effort with our friends and neighbours in Madagascar.
HoverAid work alongside other organisations to facilitate them reaching the unreachable and we also have some of our own projects, one of which is our clean water programme using  Bio Sand Filters. Bio Sand Filters (BSF), are a fantastic low cost method of producing clean drinking water using locally sourced materials. BSFs make use of the pathogens residual in Malagasy Rivers which allows bacteria eating organisms to grow in the top layer of water, using the microorganisms to filter the water. The water is kept in the filter using a pressure head system, simply by having the outlet pipe higher than the necessary water level.
The microorganisms are filtered by a top layer of very fine sand, allowing the larger organisms to remain and ’eat’ the physically smaller pathogens. This fine sand then does the physical filtration of the water, which in turn is then supported by layers of course sand and gravel. This forms a layered barrier before the exterior tube to prevent the sand from getting mixed in with the drinking water, allowing biologically and physically filtered water to pour out of the outlet pipe.
A good BSF when set up correctly will be 95-99% efficient at removing any coliform bacteria. HoverAid are working to produce and transport Bio Sand Filters to provide clean drinking water to the wider population of rural Madagascar. We think that these are amazing devices Each one can provide clean drinking for 20 people.